Golden Shiner

Keystone Hatcheries LLC Golden Shiner

This is the largest of the forage species, commonly growing up to over 5” in length. Spawning occurs from June to August over beds of submerged vegetation. It is the most expensive of the forage species, but in weedy ponds it is the best suited to thrive. Another attribute of the Golden Shiner is its reputation as a “mosquito larvae eater.” Its up turned mouth and surface/midwater feeding behavior ideally suit this species for mosquito control. It is a great forage species for trophy Largemouth Bass ponds because of its size. Think of it this way, a bass could chase down and eat 5 Fathead Minnows or 1 Golden Shiner – this allows the saved energy to go towards growth. Also, larger bass will not waste their time with tiny little minnows, but they will feast on Golden Shiners. Stock 25 pounds (there are about 40 to 80 per pound) per Surface Acre in new ponds that do not have predators yet. It may be necessary to stock about 100 pounds per Surface Acre in ponds with a Largemouth Bass Population.