Fathead Minnow

Keystone Hatcheries LLC Fathead Minnow

This is the most affordable and durable of the forage species. We are able to stock them in all but the hottest temperatures. It is a small prolific minnow that spawns from the spring until late summer on the underside of nearly any material near the shore. Reproduction can be improved by placing any kind of structure in 1 to 3 feet of water (see Artificial Fish Habitat for more information). It is very important for the minnows to be able to escape predators while reproducing. Fathead Minnows eat a wide variety of aquatic organisms, from Mosquito larvae to algae, and they can withstand extremely low oxygen levels. Because of this they can survive and thrive in a wide variety of water conditions. We recommend stocking about 25 pounds (about 5000 each) per Surface Acre in new ponds without a forage base. If you have a pond full of Largemouth Bass, or other predators, it may take over 100 pounds per Surface Acre to establish a population.