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Weed Raker, 37"

The Weed Raker has a 37 wide rake head with 8 hard rubber teeth, which allow you to remove a lot of weeds in a little time! Can be dropped from a boat and pulled back to shore with the 43 feet of attached rope.

Our Price: $127.00
Aquatic Weed Cutter, 28"

This is a rugged straight blade Aquatic Weed Cutter.  With a 28” reversible double-sided serrated blade and an 11 foot 2 piece handle, this tool makes it simple to clean up weedy beach areas.

Our Price: $129.00
Lake Rake

The Lake Rake is a 36 wide aluminum constructed rake designed to uproot weeds, or with the float on you can remove surface vegetation.

Our Price: $134.00
Aquatic Weed Cutter, 48"

This tool can cut a 48 path up to 20 feet deep through thick weeds.  Then use the Lake Rakes to pull the vegetation in.  It is a real labor saver!

Our Price: $139.00
Parachute Skimmer

The industrial parachute skimmer is the ideal clean up tool for pond and lakefront property owners!  It cleans a 5' wide swath of your pond or lake surface with every pass.

Our Price: $149.00
Duckweed Seine Duckweed Seine, 24"x50' long x 1/16" mesh

This seine (a big net) has floats along the top to keep the net at the surface to remove mats of duckweed, leaves or algae.

Our Price: $299.00